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06-14-2008, 01:33 PM
I have been working on the cab and removed the side rails(MTech II ) I think...anyway under the rail at the fender, it is rotted away pretty much...So what is the going price for fenders for an 89 325Ic?....I think I'll patch for now and replace them this fall and both sides. BTW..the 325 is Alpine White...tnx

06-21-2008, 11:41 AM

Fenders for the vert are unique to the vert and are as scarce as hens teeth. The rocker panel is higher on a vert than on regular E30s, so that part of the fender is "longer" (stretches further to ground)

You can find used ones from time to time on ebay and on various website including r3v. They go for about $100 each used if I recall, new are over $200 each and are not available as aftermarket parts. (regular aftermarket fenders are about $50, but not vert).

There is a writeup on e30.de about how to modify a regular fender to fit the vert, which involves lengthening the rocker portion through welding.

You can also cut the rust out and fibreglass it. It will be covered by the skirts anyway. Given you're not driving in winter shouldn't be a problem with getting worse.

Wish i was able to make it to Tobermory show... my car is still in pieces! Enjoying the 740 sport though... :-)


06-21-2008, 08:25 PM
Hi Rod....Yea had a great time up there. We just had three P cars, a 911, 944S and my 928S2 and a nice 70 Bug that showed from the German line ups....there wasn't one BMW or Mercedes which I thought was unusual. I hear you have or are moving. Congrats on your new job...thanks for all the info especially that the vert fenders are proprietary. Missed you guys this year at the Tub. I'm burnt bad, forgot to take a hat and sun screen. The shown was held in the parking lot instead of the area where the cars line up for the ferry. It was good though. I have the 325I back on the road and all seems good. I did a patch on the drivers side fender and it will be ok for now. How are you guys doing?..I heard that Tony's car is down too...you guy's are just going to have to stop beating on your verts....somehow that just doesn't sound right???....anyway, thanks Rod and I hope your vert is back together soon.....OH...Hi Yuki.....Bill