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06-12-2008, 11:35 PM
Just thought I would finally make a formal post on here after hovering around for the past month or so trying to get all the info I can about buying a car.

So I'm currently a University student and am looking for a car for the upcoming year. I am in no real hurry to get one until September but am starting the search now. I have looked through the forums and havent really found anything I really like yet so I thought some people might know of some sales that have not been posted on these boards.

I would like a BMW, preferably a higher up 3 series (325, 328 or so). Doesn't really matter if it is auto or manual, but auto would be a bonus. A 4 door would be best because it would be much cheaper on the insurance. I would prefer black over any other colour, but I'd really be open to take a look at any colour. The year I'm looking for would really be anything 1997 and up I guess. From what I have seen so far cars between 1997 and 1999 are the ones that fit my price range the best. I'm not gonna post the range, but you can probably figure it out pretty easily, lol. It would also be nice for the car to have no more than 150,000 km on it. The lower the better, but if its that nice I can make exceptions. Also would be preferable to have no rust on the body. I'm gonna be driving it all year, but once the rust starts it can spread pretty fast.

Uhhh, I think that covers most of the bases. If anyone has a car or knows of someone selling one that matches what I'm looking for I would really appreciate the help. Also, if you have any questions about what I'm looking for either make a post or PM me. I'm not the most knowledgable car guy, but I know enough and I would literally treat whatever car I buy like a baby, so I would love to find my dream car and keep it for a LONG time. lol


06-20-2008, 08:29 PM
Bump to the top because I really would appreciate any help

06-22-2008, 10:29 AM
I am on the fence about selling my car...

but it's almost the exact opposite of what you desire... except the color...

haha.. refer to sig for pic..

06-22-2008, 01:29 PM
lol, yeah. A convertable, although very sexy just wouldn't work for me. Plus my insurance would be through the roof on a 2 door convertable. hahaha

07-03-2008, 11:01 PM
im also looking for an e36 i need a 4dr 5spd.

07-12-2008, 08:53 PM
hey i don't know if anyone is still following this thread...but i may have what you are looking for....

i am selling my baby, its a 1992 325i 4 door, graphite metallic (almost black), auto, full sound system with 1200 watt amp and sub and 10 cd changer, lowered on h&r sport kit, tint windows, intake, magnaflow exhasut, black emblems, rims off a 2002 330i, new rubber aswell, sport steering wheel, ..... the WORKS

excellent condition....pulls HARD, and handles like a dream
however, i start school in september, and my payment is due, and i cant afford her anymore.

(if i can figure out how to post pics i will)


07-13-2008, 02:20 AM
Your about 3 days too late pmills! lol... I just bought my car on Friday, but anyone else who may have been looking for the same thing would love yours. Good luck with the sale!

07-13-2008, 09:37 PM
what did you end up getting... if you don't mind me asking

07-13-2008, 10:44 PM
I ended up getting an automatic 1997 328i sedan. I got a beauty deal on it and its in amazing shape. I'm going to be posting pics once I finally get the time to take it out and give it a nice cleaning, but ever since I bought it I've had no time to do anything but drive it and put more and more gas in (these prices are getting rediculous)... lol

07-14-2008, 07:28 PM
haha I know what you mean. I just got my BMW last month (2000 BMW 323i), got to get some work done on it though, hopefully after it's all done I can post some pics up as well.