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06-06-2008, 11:43 AM
I love this site.


Tons of great articles and step by step instrctions for the E30 enthusiast in all of us.

Below is a list of the articles. Some have pictures, most don't

Maintenance - BMW E30 DIY
Replacing Your Differential Fluid
Brake Pad Bedding In Procedure
Ignition System Tune
Timing Belt Replacement

Miscellaneous - BMW E30 DIY
BMW Integrated Garage Door Opener
BMW On Board Diagnostics
BMW Designation FAQ
Tire Size Calculator
Hot Rodding Your Floor Jack
Street Dyno!
All About Gasoline
Synthetic Oil or Not?
All About Motor Oils
Welding Primer & Review
BMW Parts Catalog
Idle Speed Troubleshooting
Front Wheel Bearing Replacement
... More Miscellaneous - BMW E30 DIY

Engine / Mechanical - BMW E30 DIY
A/C Compressor Retrofit & Upgrade
Valve Adjustment Made Easy
Motor Mount Replacement
Aux Fan Resistor Replacement (Bosch)
Oil Control Valve Gasket Leak (M20/B25)
Passenger-Side Water Leak
Timing Belt Replacement

Electrical - BMW E30 DIY
BMW Integrated Garage Door Opener
Ignition System Tune
E30 Chip Install
Blinking Sidemarker Modification
Replacing Service Indicator Board Batteries
OBC Lamp Replacement
Front Speaker Installation
Rear Speaker Installation
E30 LED Key Conversion
All Red Tail Lights

Interior - BMW E30 DIY
E30 Instrument Light Replacement
E30 Gauge Face Replacement
Dashboard Swap
Fischer Cup Holder
Leather Restoration
Carpet Dying

Exterior - BMW E30 DIY
Replacing your BMW Roundel Emblem
Blacking Out Your Chrome Trim
All Red Tail Lights
E30 "is" Lip Spoiler
Lighted Rearview Mirror Retro-Fit
Side Mirror Repair
Sunroof Adjustment

Exhaust - BMW E30 DIY
Building an In-Dash Air-Mixture Monitor

Brakes - BMW E30 DIY
Painting Your Calipers
Painting Your Calipers
Brake Pad Bedding In Procedure
BMW E30 3-Series Cross-Drilled Brake Rotor Upgrade
Rear Brake Disc Replacement
Replacing Front Brake Discs
Bedding In New Pads And Rotors

Lighting - BMW E30 DIY
All Red Tail Lights
CELIS Light Source
Xenon Bulb And Ballast Installation (Ellipsoids)
Independent Fog Lights
Smoked Sidemarkers

Detailing / Painting - BMW E30 DIY
Detailing Your Car
Wheel Curb Rash Removal
Painting Your Intake Manifold
Painting The Engine
Using Porter Cable Orbital Buffer

Cooling - BMW E30 DIY
Coolant Temp Sensor Replacement

Fuel Delivery - BMW E30 DIY
Oxygen Sensor Replacement E30
Fuel Filter Replacement
Fuel Injector Cleaning

Stability / Suspension - BMW E30 DIY
E30 Rear Sway Bar Bushing Replacement
E30 Rear Sway Bar Drop Link Replacement
Front Springs and Shock Replacement
Rear Springs and Shock Replacement
Replacing Rear Shock Mounts
Front Suspension Bushing Overhaul
Rear Sway Bar Drop Link Replacement
M3 RSM Retrofit With Z3 Reinforcement Plates

Transmission / Drive Shaft - BMW E30 DIY
Replacing Your Differential Fluid

Seats / Doors - BMW E30 DIY
Rear Seat Removal
Leather Restoration

06-06-2008, 04:50 PM
Thanks, awesome find*th-up*

06-06-2008, 07:15 PM
That's a great website. It was the first one I found and bookmarked when I bought my E30!