View Full Version : Need car audio advice for my old convertible

04-02-2008, 11:52 AM
I have an old convertible with an Alpine CDA-7949 head unit connected to an amp under the seat and four speakers. I know the amp is a good one but I can't remember the brand. I removed the two speakers from the door and replaced my door panels to give the interior a cleaner look.

Now, I only have the two 5.25 two-way speakers in the rear and I'd like to keep it that way.

I want to replace the head unit and amp since the amp has been finicky and the head unit won't play my iPod. I'm looking at the CDA-9884 or CDA-9886. The 9886 has 4v pre-outs.

Both units claim 50Wx4 max power output. Do I need an amp with these H.U.s? Remember, this is an old convertible - lots of road noise. Any suggestions on a 2-channel low-profile amp?

04-02-2008, 06:33 PM
im assuming their Alpine units. When running ANY aftermarket speakers, you will need to amp them as they require much more power that the deck can put out. If your only planning on running the rear speakers then you might be able to bridge them if they can handle it. I would go with a deck that puts out 4V as it makes a much bigger difference. I upgraded from a 2V to 4V deck and noticed the difference.

04-05-2008, 11:01 AM
Thanks for the response. I ended up ordering an Alpine CDA-9885 (4v preouts) from Crutchfield and I found a smokin' deal on an Alpine MRP-F250 amp at a local shop. Looking forward to some new sounds.