View Full Version : Please read prior to posting any feedback for any of our supporting vendors.

01-29-2008, 11:26 PM
Everyone is entitled to post their comments and experiences of a supporting vendor, whether good or bad, but we ask to please be mature and professional about it. We encourage everyone to post their personal experience, and what you thought was good/bad about the service/products. This helps our vendors, as well as others.

Creating alias usernames and/or mis-representation of a company are prohibited, and will result in an automatic ban to the usernames involved, as well as the review being removed. This is unfair, and unprofessional to the vendor, and to everyone who reads your review. Leaving feedback must be dealt with in a professional and true manner.

Our supporting vendors help keep Maxbimmer here, year after year, so please be curtious and respectful to them as they do the same for us.

Feedback/comments left for any supporting vendor require a minimum post count of 40. The feedback thread or post will be removed and/or reviewed otherwise. - Rule in effect as of 13/04/2010.